We will open a Post-doctoral Research Fellow (long-term contract) position in computer graphics/computer vision soon. Please contact me if you are interested.
We also have a self-funded PhD position on computer vision with deep-learning and multi-drones here.

PhD Students

I am recruiting PhD students in the areas of computer graphics and vision. The students may utilize over £170,000 worth of equipment managed by me, including motion capture systems, industral quality 3D scanners, GPU servers, sensors, as well as various virtual reality equipment such as head-mounted displays and 3D gloves. They will also join my research team, where members support each other.

The applicants are expected to have:

  1. A relavent undergraduate or master degree.
  2. A good computer programming and/or machine learning and/or mathematical background.
  3. Funding to support at least three years of study, read the information below.

You can either self-fund your study, or obtain PhD funding from various sources:

  1. The Northumbria University provides full PhD scholarship for outstanding PhD candidates every year. The scholarship is highly competitive, and you can contact me if you are interested to apply.
  2. The Northumbria University also provides a 1:1 matching scholarship between the university and industrial partners. If you can obtain support from the industry for half of you scholarship, the university will support you with the other half. This scholarship has a higher success rate. More information can be found here.
  3. Other funding oppotunities can be found here.

If you are interested to be a PhD, I am happy to discuss with you and assist you for funding application. Please email me your resume via hubert.shum[at]


Some of my past internship students have very good achevements in their research and publications. If you wish to do an internship at Northumbria University and have secured your funding, please email me your resume via hubert.shum[at]

Expired Positions



Last update: 10/08/2020