12-Months PhD Exchange Fund

Funding Information

We have a short term PhD exchange fund available. The fund is from Dr. Hubert P. H. Shum and Dr. Nauman Aslam under the gLink project. It supports a PhD to work in Northumbria University for up to 12 months, with a salary of 1500 Euro (tax-free) + airplane tickets + insurance + visa application cost. Extra travel allowance and conference budget are available subjected to performance. We have very limited applications in the past runs of this fund and therefore would encurage any interested applicants to apply.

Since this is an exchange fund, the applicants should currently be studying a PhD. For the successful applicant, we will agree on a collaboration scheme among the home university PhD supervisor, Dr. Hubert P. H. Shum and Dr. Nauman Aslam to form a co-supervision team. He/she can continue any existing research projects in the existing research areas under such an arrangement.

We would like the project to start in mid 2017. However, we have some flexibility on the actual start date. We can make arrangement to fit the researcher's based on his/her background and requirements.


Note: If you currently hold a valid IELTS result (see below) and fulfil all the requirements below, you will have a very good chance of getting the fund.

Applicants should fulfill all of the following requirements:

Project Overview

We are happy to decide the project and research domain based on the applicant's background. If the applicant has any existing research projects, we are happy to collaborate with the applicant and continue these projects.

This project will be co-supervised by the home university PhD supervisor, Dr. Hubert P. H. Shum and Dr. Nauman Aslam from Northumbria University. The successful applicant may utilize the Motion Capture and Virtual Reality Laboratory managed by Dr. Shum, which consists of more than £124,000 worth of equipment, including 3 sets of motion capture system (Xsens, OptiTrack), 3D scanners, head mount displays, depth cameras, 4K camcorders, etc. He/she will also have a chance to work with Dr. Shum's research team, which currently consists of multiple research fellows and PhDs. More information about the team can be found here.

Background knowledge in any of the following areas is beneficial (but not essential):

Furthermore, experience in computer programming and application development will be considered.

Application Procedure

  1. Applicants should notice that the application deadline is 15/04/2017. There may be an extension of deadline but this is not confirmed yet. If you are interested but have problem meeting the deadline, please contact Dr. Hubert P. H. Shum directly.
  2. Applicants can find information of the funding in the gLink website.
    In particular, the official call of the fund can be found on the courses page (select Direction: "Asia >> Europe", Type of mobility: "Doctorate/PhD (exchange)", click on the cell at the row "06.9 - Others – Engineering, Technology" under "Northumbria", the first funding offer).
  3. Applicants should notice that the application deadline is 31/12/2016. There may be an extension of deadline but this is not confirmed yet.
  4. Applicants should go to the apply page, create a user account and follow the instruction to complete the application form.
  5. Applicants can consider to include a resume that details the academic qualification, work experience (if any), English language qualification (if any) and the full publication list (if any).
  6. Applicants are advised to include as much supporting documents as possible including documents supporting academic qualification (if any), English language qualification (if any), passport scans, etc.

Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Hubert P. H. Shum via email (hubert.shum[at]northumbria.ac.uk) for more information or even some informal communications before the application.



Last update: 19/02/2020