Associate/Assistant Professor in Artificial Intelligence for Space-Enabled Technologies, Durham University

We are looking for applicants in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Edge Computing, Digital Twins, Human Computer Interaction, User Modelling, Robotics or Resilient Computing with potentials/achievements in informing space applications.

The post hoder will enjoy 1) a permanent (equivalent to US tenured) position at a top 100 university, 2) significantly reduced teaching, 3) a fully-funded PhD, 4) travel budget, 5) chance for a 2-year fully-funded Post-Doc.

Initiating Knowledge Transfer Fund

Initiating Knowledge Transfer Fund
Funding Source: Edinburgh Research and Innovation Department, The University of Edinburgh, UK
Reference Number: 7P-2414
Value: £15,000
2009 - 2010

About the Project





    Manufacturing Video Graphics
    Manufacturing Video Graphics
    Patent: Patent from the World Intellectual Property Organization, 2010
    Taku Komura and Hubert P. H. Shum
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